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september 27, 2009


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both are fantastic!!!


Yvonne, thankyou for being guest host this week, and for the wonderful challenge! There have been some amazing entries already! Diane


Love your journal pages, and great job on hosting this week.


Your journaling makes these all the more special. Thanks for sharing your story and your talent! Good work.


What a beautiful work!!


Hi Yvonne, thanks for a wonderful challange, without music the world will be poor, I love music and your journal pages is fantastic.

Kristin Van Valkenburgh

These are wonderful - I am especially drawn to the pink pages - your daughter is such a beautiful addidion to your work: Thank you for providing all of the details of how you created your pieces and thank you for the inspiration this week!


great inspiration!! two great songs!

~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

Brilliant music choices and your pages are so inspired Yvonne! Music can take us places like nothing else! Thanks again for this great challenge!

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